Asset Management

In addition to being a best in class service provider, we offer industry leading Site Asset Management services for commercial property owners and managers. We work in partnership and as an extension of the existing property management team focusing 100% on the assets "outside the building". 


Site Asset Management

Our innovative new program is designed for the commercial real estate industry. SAMMS (Site Asset Management and Maintenance System) is a proven process to improve the condition of your property, decrease your annual operating expenses and lower your life cycle costs.


1- Inventory

The first step of the asset management program is to know what assets are in place. This is the baseline for the program and used to develop an optimized and effective annual work program.


2- Condition Assessments

We perform quarterly site condition assessments on each property to determine the current condition for each Asset Category, Group and Type. Similar to the FCA's being done on the building, this data is used by our software to optimize your annual work program. 


3- Advanced Data Analytics

Using our innovative software platform, we analyze the data from our condition assessments and maintenance activities to make better decisions on where, when and how to execute your annual work program. 


4- Dynamic Annual Work Program

Site assets change over time and from season to season based on weather conditions. Using the Data from our quarterly condition assessments, your Site Asset Manager will update your annual work program to maximize your ROI.

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